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Discover unique treasures from around the world! Explore our collection of Himalayan salt products, radiant Balinese artisan jewelry, and one-of-a-kind South American artwork. We source high-quality pieces that bring beauty and functionality to your life.
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Handcrafted Tales from Ecuador: Discover unique treasures woven with stories passed down through generations. Supporting local artisans and preserving traditions, ECUALAMA brings you a piece of Ecuador's vibrant culture.
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Decor Contreras

Hand-painted Peruvian Glass Crafts by UNESCO Master Edmundo Contreras with more 30 years of experience. Home Decor items of Andean culture include contemporary, traditional and modern designs.
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Andean Mall

Unveiling the Andes: Discover exquisite Bolivian handcrafts, luxurious alpaca wool clothing, unique accessories, and a treasure trove of antiques, coins, banknotes, and ethnic items. Experience the rich heritage of South America!
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Promoting a unique selection of jewellery, textile, ceramic, leather and wood products - handmade by Latin American artisans and designers.
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