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Joining Forces to Empower Small Businesses from Emerging Markets

Since 2016 eBay has been partnering with the International Trade Centre - the joint agency of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization - to empower small businesses in emerging markets through e-commerce.

eBay exists to connect people and build communities to empower economic opportunity for all. As part of this mission eBay helps small businesses and traditionally underrepresented entrepreneurs build online storefronts and reach global audiences. eBay's tools, training and resources help pave the way for a more equitable economy, promoting economic success today and in the future.

ITC’s mandate is to ensure that small businesses are better able to participate in international trade and more specifically the digital economy and e-commerce in order to increase economic development for all. Through it's e-commerce team - ecomConnect - ITC builds the capacities of enterprises to improve skills and capabilities to sell goods online.

eBay discoveries puts a spotlight on the businesses that have been assisted to create new eBay stores and successfully trade locally produced goods internationally. eBay and ITC have been running eBay Discoveries since 2019.

Discover Unique Products from around the World

Central Asia

Latin America


$150,000 sales

Internationally 2019-2023

50 eBay stores

Multiple sectors

3 regions

12 countries

Seller Stories

Beating the crisis through online trade as a slow-fashion entrepreneur

Wacu Kihara is the founder of the sustainable and contemporary fashion label Khangadelic in Kenya. Her business was born from the passion for fashion and love for the environment. All her designs symbolize the colour and vibrancy of Kenyan coastal culture and lifestyle, using reusable Khanga cloth bags from fabric offcuts.
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Uzbek success story

A success story of Abduvali Abdukayumov, founder of BahmalUZ and e-commerce coach

Abduvali Abdukayumov, art historian and museologist from Tashkent Uzbekistan, dedicated his life to supporting the traditional craft of handmade Uzbek clothing.
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Costa Rica success story

Gato Negro, a sustainable jewellery brand a click away

Rebeca Zamora has always been inspired by environmentally conscious artisan techniques. The hands behind Gato Negro, she the founder of a contemporary textile jewellery business in Costa Rica.
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